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Integrated States of Self-Intelligence (ISSI) is information analyze system. ISSI collect data and analyse it from every possible angle, and assist as trans-receiver system for those who wants it's analyzed data, but ISSI is committed to never harm or attack to any system, person nor nation.

Hatashe Acronnyms, Malia Annonynous and Natasha Synonyms considered as ISSI's founders including founders of Agepionage (ISSI 2.0) and Befriad (ISSI 3.0).

Integrated States of Self-Intelligence (ISSI) recently launched it's Second Luxpionage version ISSI 2.0 or Agepionage. In March 12, 2012 Agepionage also created a Twitter account and twitted here a pack of luxdata.

From the beginning of ISSI, ISSI has been working with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Intelligence (NSI) and few more remarkable Intelligence, Spy and Security Agency and System to World Wide and Recently ISSI 2.0 added with Stratfor (Stratfor Forecasting, Inc) after Stratfor's email system hacked by Wikileaks.


Luxpionage (ISSI) launched Business, Economy and Finance Research Intelligence Analyst Desk (BEFRIAD) at March 29, 2012; to gathering of information about the financial affairs of entities of interest, to understand their nature and capabilities, and predict their intentions and overall to discover new sources of Business, Economy and Finance.

At the same day ISSI 2.0 (Agepionage) twitter site announced the news by a tweet [1]. Swedish BEFRIAD means RELEASED, FREE, EXEMPT, IMMUNE.

Latest activityEdit

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